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If you're looking for a home to rent, then you're most likely dealing with a myriad of landlords and property management companies every time you're at a home inspection. Once you find a home you particularly love, you need to make sure that the property manager or landlord is impressed with you, so that you get the place. Follow these smart tricks to succeed.

Be Prepared With Reports Of Your Background And Job

Keep in mind that a property management company will whittle down potential tenants when the market is competitive, so if you appear sketchy about your job or background, you can expect to miss the short list of finalised tenants. If you're looking to impress a landlord or property manager, be as honest and open as you can about your background and your job. Even if you're not the CEO or on the board of directors, you'll be surprised at how much landlords appreciate honesty and openness, especially when it comes to signing a long-term lease with you. The best way to impress a landlord or property management company is to come prepared with a background check report of your previous history, along with a letter from your company. While landlords may want to do their own due diligence, this can go a long way in assuring them that you're the right person for the home.

Showcase Records Of Your Previous Rental History

Previous rental history is always a concern for landlords and property management companies because they want to ensure that you pay on time without any hassles. If you have a stellar rental history, you'll want your landlord to know it because this could potentially tip the scale in your favour. If you have recommendations from previous landlords and property managers, bring them along because they have the potential to help you secure the property. If you missed a few payments in the past for legitimate reasons, don't hesitate to be honest because landlords are likely to find out anyway, so it's better that they hear the reason from you.

Dress To Show You Belong In The Home

Ripped pants? Faded shorts? Stained tee? Would you rent your home to a person dressed like this? Perhaps not! So, you cannot expect the landlord or property management company to entertain you for too long when you dress this way for a home inspection. When you're looking to make a good first impression, dress well. That doesn't mean you have to wear your best suit or a gorgeous dress. But be well dressed and neat in your appearance, so the landlord knows you're really serious about the property.

Follow these smart tricks in your quest to impress a potential landlord or property management company. For more tips, contact a local management company like Calibre Real Estate and ask them what they look for in potential renters. 


20 June 2016

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