Spotting Mould During Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

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Every homeowner would like a clean and healthy residence. This is especially true when purchasing a new home. However, despite analyzing the potential home on your own, you could still be in danger of exposure to mould and mildew. This is because these fungi can grow in hard to reach places, which may be difficult to access individually. Instead of risking exposure to these fungal spores, it would be ideal to opt for pre-purchase building inspections. These professionals are better equipped at spotting mould even the most remote areas in houses, thus ensuring that you are moving into a mould free premises. Here are some of the areas that a thorough building inspection would look for mould.

Mould in the bathroom

One of the more common areas susceptible to mould infestations is the bathroom. Typically, homeowners will be able to spot mould on the walls and ceilings. However, these are not the only areas that could breed a mould infestation. If there are gaps in the sealant located either on the bathtub or on the sink, then water will be making its way to areas that will not be visible to you. Professional building inspections would be better equipped at analysing these areas. Once thorough mould cleaning has been carried out in the bathroom, it is advisable to re-grout with a mould resistant grout. This will decrease the chances of developing future infestations. Additionally, always ensure your bathroom is well ventilated at all time to prevent a future infestation. 

Mould in the kitchen

Another mould hotspot in potential homes is the kitchen. Large appliances that have water pipes such as dishwashers can experience leaks from one time or another. Since these appliances are quite heavy, not many homeowners will take the time to move them and clean the back and below them.

Over time, mould can start breeding in the skirting boards located behind these appliances, on tiles and even spread to beneath your benchtops. Pre-purchase building inspectors would be able to detach all large appliances that make use of water inlets and look for any mould that has started to breed in the hidden areas. If you are moving into a home with an inbuilt refrigerator that either has a water or an ice dispenser, ensure that the filters are sterilized beforehand for you. 

Mould in the swimming pool 

Swimming pools and hot tubs are another hotspot for mould and black algae. Black algae is especially difficult to get rid of since this species is resistant to chlorine. Hence, the previous owner could have been carrying out stringent cleaning measures for the pool but still you find you are faced with this scourge. Building inspectors will not only locate these growths for you, but they will also recommend how best they can be eliminated before you move in. 


25 May 2016

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