Reasons to Switch to Digital Locks for Your Home


If you are looking to enhance the security of the entryways of your home, you should consider digital locks. These locks eliminate the use of conventional keys and instead can be accessed using a PIN number that is entered into a keypad, using a remote control or by using a proximity card. Although commonly used for commercial premises, they are gaining popularity for residential use too. Here are some of the reasons why you should ask your locksmith to switch your current locks to digital locking systems.

Digital locks eliminate the use of keys

Having to carry your house keys around always puts you at risk of misplacing them or forgetting them somewhere. This is one of the most common reasons people require emergency locksmith services, as they find themselves locked out of their homes at the most inopportune times. With digital locks, you can now forget about having to always keep tabs on where your keys are. Additionally, you can also rest assured that nobody has unwarranted access into your home, which is something you can never have a guarantee of when you move into a new house unless you opted to change or rekey or the locks. With PIN operated digital locks, you have the flexibility of granting only family and trusted friends with access to your home by giving them the PIN.

Digital locks ensure your doors are secured automatically

When you use keys to access your home, there are times when you may forget to lock up when you leave and only realize this much later on. This can be a serious cause of anxiety especially if you live in an area prone to burglaries. With a digital lock, you no longer have to worry about whether you forgot to lock up as you left the home. The doors installed with these locks automatically secure the entryway as soon as the door closes. Additionally, the locks come with a battery back-up. Therefore, in the event that the power goes out, the locks can still secure your doors. Lastly, with digital locks, you can opt to have a mechanical override installed for the system. This ensures that you will always be able to open your doors no matter the situation.

Digital locks are a burglar deterrent

One of the prominent features of digital locks is how complicated they appear. This makes them intimidating to opportunistic burglars who simply try to gain entry into homes that appear to have minimal security. Additionally, some digital locks can be programmed to send out an alert in the event that someone is trying to tamper with the lock. This then makes you aware of any suspicious activity on your property. 


14 March 2016

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