Four Benefits of Security Screens Compared to Security Bars


If you're looking for a way to secure the windows of your business, you have a few different options. Two of them are burglar bars and security screens. There are pros and cons to both options, but in a number of cases, security screens are preferable to burglar bars. Here's a look at why:

1. Security screens look less intimidating than bars.

Putting bars on the windows of your business simply looks intimidating. It evokes a sense of crime, and immediately puts that idea in the minds of passersby or potential clients. Security screens, however, don't create that vibe. To the casual observer, they look just like regular screens, and they don't detract from the natural beauty of the building that your business is in.

2. Bars don't protect traditional screens from vandalism.

If you have burglar bars, no one can push them aside and gain entry to your building, but if they wanted to, they could easily cut your existing screens, and you would have to buy new screens.

If you have security screens, however, if someone approaches your window and tries to gain entry, they won't be able to push through the security screens, and they also won't be able to cut through them. The end result is that they cannot get into your building, they cannot vandalise your screens, and you don't have to replace any screens.

3. Security screens offer protection to your windows as well.

Just as traditional screens can be vandalised through burglar bars, so too can windows. If a vandal throws a rock between your security bars, your window will get smashed, and you'll have to replace the glass.

In contrast, if a vandal throws a rock at your security screen, it is likely to bounce off and your window will most likely remain unscathed. Security screens are designed to handle blows and thrusts by their tension and by the strength of their metal mesh.

4. Security screens don't' require you to modify the building.

If you are a business owner who rents or leases your space, you may have caveats in your rental agreement that prevent you from making certain changes to the building. Luckily, if you invest in security screens, you aren't making any changes. These screens are designed to fit in the same place that traditional screens fit into.

In contrast, if you added security bars, you would be making changes to the building, and you may have to get permission from your landlord for that.

To learn more about the benefits of security screens, contact a security screen salesperson (like those at Bonds Security Products).


12 February 2016

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