Property Management | 3 Actionable Steps During A Plumbing Emergency In Your Rental Apartment

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Living in a rented apartment probably means that you have a clear contract drawn up to distinguish between roles and responsibilities of tenants and landlords. Landlords are usually responsible for undertaking emergency repairs caused because of faults in the home, while tenants are responsible for any damage caused by their lifestyles. If you have a plumbing emergency in your rental apartment, follow these actionable steps for getting in touch with your property management company like Verse Property Group or landlord immediately. 

Inspect The Source Of The Problem

Before calling the property management company, try to inspect the source of the problem as much as possible. This will help the property manager appoint the right contractor to handle the problem accurately. For example, if the external drain to your apartment has clogged and wastewater has flooded your bathroom, then you will need a drain cleaner to unclog the blocked debris from inside the drain. If the plumbing emergency is a burst pipe, then you will need a qualified plumber to handle this task immediately. While you may not always be able to get to the bottom of the problem, try to be as detailed as possible. This will help the property management company send the right repairperson for your plumbing emergency.

Communicate The Extent Of The Damage In Writing

Apart from calling your property management company for your emergency plumbing repair need, you must communicate the extent of the damage in writing. This is because plumbing emergencies could lead to several other underlying problems that also need to be rectified. For example, burst internal wall pipes may cause undue damage to the bathroom wall. Apart from a plumber, you may also need specialists that deal with wall repair. Written communication is effective because it helps you clearly connect with the property management company –– leaving no room for misunderstandings later.

Allow Immediate Access To Your Home

A plumbing emergency can occur at any time and must be addressed immediately to avoid any irreparable damage to the property. While you are likely to be at work, you will need to allow the repair contractors to access your home instantly. You may need to leave your keys with the neighbours. You can also leave a set of keys directly with your property manager or landlord to ensure that the plumbing problem in your rented apartment is solved as soon as possible. 

Follow these actionable steps to work with your property management company or landlord for dealing with plumbing emergencies in your rented apartment.


8 January 2016

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