What You Need to Know About Building Defects in New Homes in Queensland

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One of the most exciting things about deciding to build a new home is knowing you can design the interior of your home to suit your specific needs. The main negative thought many first-time new home buyers have before entering into this type of contract is what happens if things go wrong with the home after the move in date. Unlike an existing home, defects may not be immediately apparent on move-in day. These are the main facts you need to know about defects that show up after your home is built, especially if you plan to live in Queensland.

Home Warranty Insurance

In Queensland, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission is the government agency that oversees all residential and commercial construction in the state. All residential projects valued at more than $3,300 must be insured by the builder with the QBCC. The builder pays an insurance premium to the QBCC prior to starting work on your new home, and QBCC will then forward to you a copy of your insurance policy.

Home warranty insurance covers you for problems that occur within 6 years and 6 months of either the premium payment date, the work commencement date, or the date of the contract. The earliest of these three dates is when the insurance takes effect.

What To Do When Defects Become Apparent

The first thing you need to do after moving into your brand new home and discovering a defect is to attempt to rectify the problem directly with the builder. If the defect is major, for example if substantial cracks begin to appear in the home, then you must contact the builder immediately. I

f the problems are more minor, for example a chip in the paint, make a list of these defects during the first month of house inhabitation. Then, you can give the builder a full list of discovered defects they can fix all at once. After speaking with your builder, write a letter to them to confirm your list of issues and what they have promised to do to rectify the problem.

If your builder refuses to fix your issues, or they are no longer trading due to bankruptcy, your next step is to contact QBCC. To make things easy, QBCC has an online claim form you can fill out, and then you lodge it directly with them. QBCC will then contact you about how the claim will be settled under the insurance policy.

As you can see, there is nothing to fear when it comes to the idea of entering into a contract for the building of a new home. There are many new home builders out there waiting for your business, and if on the off chance you do end up with one that is unwilling to remedy defects after you move in, you have the weight of a government department behind you to make things right. Getting on the path of new home ownership is only a phone call away, so now is the time to put those fears behind you and start designing a home that speaks volumes about the things that you like.


13 October 2015

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