Why Hire a Property Investment Advisor?

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Owning rental property is a good way to generate an income for yourself and to see your investment dollars grow. However, simply buying a rental home or apartment complex and expecting to always earn a handsome return on that investment is not enough to really generate profits. A property investment advisor like PEB Group Pty Ltd can offer you a number of services that can ensure that you are a success with the property you buy and manage; note a few of those services here.

1. Mortgage advice

Buying rental property often means obtaining a mortgage just like buying your own personal property, but as with buying a home for yourself, there are usually many different types of mortgages you might consider. A property investment advisor can explain the different options for you so you can determine the right choice for a rental property; for example, a shorter mortgage at a higher monthly payment may be manageable for a rental property since you can charge a high rental rate to cover this payment. The mortgage then gets paid off sooner, and your rental property will earn you more overall profits once the mortgage is satisfied.

2. Due diligence

Before purchasing property, your investment advisor can ensure that all due diligence is carried out; this means inspections on the property and the neighborhood. This type of service can ensure that you choose a property that won't need extensive repairs before it can be rented, and ensure that you choose a neighborhood with a particular median income that will support the rental amount you'll charge.

3. Negotiation

A property investment advisor can negotiate a purchasing price for your home before you buy. This can alleviate the burden of you having to submit offers and counteroffers for a home or other structure, and since a property investment advisor will be familiar with similar investment homes, he or she will know an equitable amount to offer and to accept from the seller.

4. Management

Once you own rental property, it may be too much for you to manage yourself, and a property investment advisor can often work with you to find a reputable management company that specializes in your type of property. This might mean a residential home, duplex, apartment complex, and the like. They can also negotiate the services needed by management and the price they will charge, and review any contracts you may need to sign when bringing on the company so you understand all its terms and conditions.


2 September 2015

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