Home Improvement Tips: How to Increase the Value of Your Home Before Selling it

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Have you been trying to sell your house but so far no deal has gone through? Well, that is perfectly normal in real estate business, but not without a good reason. One reason why that phone has not been ringing might be that you are selling the house at an undeservedly high price.

A house that you bought ages ago probably can't be sold at a price that is higher than the original buying price – at least not without making some improvements to the house. Check out the following points that explain about the key areas you should improve on to boost your chances of selling the house.

Go Back to the Basics

As life continues, things tend to accumulate in a house. There is an increment of pictures on walls, souvenirs and stacks of magazines. All these may make a room to appear smaller and unappealing to a buyer. To correct this, simply remove all those items that do not matter during a sale period.

Doing so will allow the architectural and distinctive details of the room to shine.

Reconfigure Your Home's Layout

According to real estate expert Dina Landi, you should take advantage of your home's layout. Reconfiguring your home to meet market demands can serve as a big attraction feature to potential buyers.

For instance, you can transform a three-bedroom house with a den to a four by substituting the use of one room for another. Another tip is to create a main floor master bedroom from a dining room with doors.

Paint Your House

Brendan Cox, a real estate agent, advises that painting your house with a fresh coat of neutral paint may tempt buyers to open their checkbooks. Kim Parten, another real estate expert, emphasizes on this point by discouraging painting of walls with bright colors such as purple. Settle for neutrals, such as grey, as bright colors may sell your house for less.

Spruce Up Your Garden

You need to impress from outside first by ensuring that your yard is always clean and tidy.  However, do not try to overdo things in the name of impressing your buyers by investing in items such as pools that may require high maintenance cost.

Let your target be your guidance. For instance, if you want to catch the attention of a family, invest in grass that will provide a playing ground for children. Older people have lots of leisure time, and hence they would prefer more flower beds and trees in the yard that require tending.

Not all changes are appropriate. Keep in mind that the buyer also has ideas of his or her own; hence make changes only where it is deemed necessary. Talk to your realtor, such as someone from Donley Real Estate, to learn more.


1 September 2015

Boosting Your Home Value Before the Appraiser Arrives

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