Tips On How To Fully Utilize The 'Service' In Serviced Apartments

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One of the top reasons why serviced apartments are becoming so popular today lies in that one word - 'service'. You can get a lot of value from staying in a serviced apartment, like those at Adelaide Dresscircle Apartments. However, you need to know exactly what to make most of when you're in one of these accommodations. Below, find out exactly how you can take full advantage of the 'service' in your serviced apartment.

Reception desks

The first thing you'll notice once you enter most furnished apartment buildings is a reception desk. These are present in multi-unit apartment blocks as opposed to stand-alone bungalows or maisonettes. The reception desk is a valuable feature that you can use for various functions. For example, you can have any of your deliveries, e.g. food or newspapers, dropped here to give you maximum privacy. You can also talk to the people at the reception desk for leads on local attractions, best places to eat, maps, etc. You can even engage them if you have any hospitality needs, such as needing to switch apartments or to request for room cleaning.

Self-catering amenities

Serviced apartments are famed for their ability to provide most of the amenities needed in any residential housing. Indeed, you will find anything from microwaves and toasters to dishwashers and washing machines in your serviced apartment. These amenities should be fully utilized for a number of reasons. For one, by cooking and doing your own cleaning, you get to save on finances, which you can spend on attractions or travel. Two, by using these amenities, you will speed up your chores and free up more time to relax or enjoy the locality.


Another common feature in furnished apartments is entertainment systems. You are bound to find a TV with multiple cable channels, a music system and an internet connection. If you cannot go out due to time, financial constraints or other reasons, make your day count by staying in and getting some indoor entertainment. You can also use the internet to get some work done while you're at it. Some serviced apartments even have work spaces, complete with a desk and chair, where you can sit and work.


Last but not least, almost every serviced apartment you will book will have a reserved parking space. Take advantage of this space to get private transport. You can bring along your car or hire one within the locality for the duration of your stay. This will allow you to move freely and tour wherever you want, whenever you want. You will also avoid the more expensive taxi transport and save some money while you're at it, especially if you plan to do a lot of travel.

And now you know. Next time you're looking for accommodation, book yourself into a furnished apartment and enjoy all the above!


31 August 2015

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