Smooth Move! 5 Tips to Make Your Moving Day Less Stressful


There's no other way of saying it—moving house can be rather difficult. It's a straightforward enough process, and yet it's never as easy as it sounds. To save yourself as much stress as possible, you might want to hire a professional moving company. You will also want to follow these handy hints that will make your moving day just that much easier.

1. First Thing's First

Perhaps you should first pack up the room that takes the longest. The kitchen can take a darn long time, so don't leave it for last. Remember that you'll need to wrap and pack all your crockery, cutlery, and glassware, as well as getting rid of everything in your fridge and pantry. Since the kitchen takes a while, it's important to have it sorted before "moving fatigue" sets in.

2. First Thing—on the Other Side

Moving can be exhausting, so you'll probably want to make your bedroom the first room that you unpack at the other end. Be sure that your bed is unloaded and assembled, and then made with clean linen. You might arrive at your destination late at night, or while unpacking you could become very tired, very quickly. You don't want to suddenly need to sleep, and not even know where your bed it. This is particularly important if you're moving with children.

3. Use Tape & Locks

Gaffer tape can be your friend when you move. Not only does it seal your boxes, it also stops anyone from being locked out, or from even needing a key, which could delay the moving process when packing up at your old place. Simply take a strip of gaffer tape and use it to secure the latch (and deadbolt, if necessary) into the retracted position. This means everyone can come and go easily, which is very handy when carrying heavy boxes.

4. Keep Those Receipts

Did you have to move for work? If so, your moving expenses could be classed as a deduction when the financial year comes to an end. If you needed to hire an interstate removals company, make sure you keep the receipt. An accountant will be able to tell you if the full amount can be deducted.

5. Pack an Overnight Bag

If you fly often, you might be in the habit of packing a change of clothes and all your essential toiletries into a carry-on bag, just in case the airline loses your luggage. While your moving company won't lose your stuff, there is a potential for delay, particularly when your stuff is travelling a long distance. It's also great to have your essentials for the next day right there, in case you're too tired to unpack everything straightaway.

By following these tips, you'll find that your moving day will be nowhere near as stressful as it could be. For more assistance or tips, contact interstate removals services.


3 June 2015

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