Buying a retirement home as an investment

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With an ageing population in Australia, many property investors are looking for the best way to structure their investment properties to take advantage of these changing demographics. Investing in retirement homes and villas is one way to invest in property for the ageing population.  Here are some ways you can invest in retirement properties.  Indirectly via real estate trusts With around half of retirement villages owned by investment vehicles such as investment banks, one of the ways that you can indirectly invest in these properties is through real estate trusts.

29 July 2016

Where Should You Be Looking for Asbestos in Your Home?

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It's been 30 years or more since asbestos was used in the widespread construction of homes in this country. There are nevertheless quite a lot of properties still in existence that were built before the Second World War and were made with asbestos cement. Maybe you live in one of these properties and are considering some modifications? As you draw up your asbestos management plan, where are you likely to find these leftovers?

6 July 2016

Property Management | 3 Smart Tricks To Impress A Potential Landlord Or Property Manager

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If you're looking for a home to rent, then you're most likely dealing with a myriad of landlords and property management companies every time you're at a home inspection. Once you find a home you particularly love, you need to make sure that the property manager or landlord is impressed with you, so that you get the place. Follow these smart tricks to succeed. Be Prepared With Reports Of Your Background And Job

20 June 2016

Spotting Mould During Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

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Every homeowner would like a clean and healthy residence. This is especially true when purchasing a new home. However, despite analyzing the potential home on your own, you could still be in danger of exposure to mould and mildew. This is because these fungi can grow in hard to reach places, which may be difficult to access individually. Instead of risking exposure to these fungal spores, it would be ideal to opt for pre-purchase building inspections.

25 May 2016

Homeownership: Critical Factors for Choosing the Right Financing


When purchasing a new home, you must consider different factors and research the real estate market. This will help you ensure that the best decisions are made for long-term residential comfort and profitability. One of the important aspects that you should be keen about is the financing for the new property. Generally, you will need to acquire a home loan unless you have saved a lot of money for this purpose. The process of finding the right loan can be difficult since there are numerous lenders, brokers and mortgage packages to compare.

20 April 2016

Reasons to Switch to Digital Locks for Your Home


If you are looking to enhance the security of the entryways of your home, you should consider digital locks. These locks eliminate the use of conventional keys and instead can be accessed using a PIN number that is entered into a keypad, using a remote control or by using a proximity card. Although commonly used for commercial premises, they are gaining popularity for residential use too. Here are some of the reasons why you should ask your locksmith to switch your current locks to digital locking systems.

14 March 2016

Four Benefits of Security Screens Compared to Security Bars


If you're looking for a way to secure the windows of your business, you have a few different options. Two of them are burglar bars and security screens. There are pros and cons to both options, but in a number of cases, security screens are preferable to burglar bars. Here's a look at why: 1. Security screens look less intimidating than bars. Putting bars on the windows of your business simply looks intimidating.

12 February 2016